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Articles from the 'A Red Letter Month' series

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  • May – A red letter month (part 2)

    Lily La B, contributing writer|May 11, 2024

    Part one of "May – A red letter month", in the April 27 issue of The Loop newspaper, ended with the closing of the Pony Express due to the completion of the transcontinental telegraph line. While the telegraph sped up communication, it was too expensive for the everyday man. That changed with the coming of the railroad. Lincoln's Pacific Railway Act of 1862 created the Union Pacific Railroad Company and authorized it to build a railroad west from Nebraska to connect with rail line being built ea...

  • May – A red letter month (part 1)

    Lily La B, contributing writer|Apr 27, 2024

    I hope you'll catch the play on words in the title. Turns out that May is an important month when it comes to the written word here in the U.S. Our United States Post Office was established in perpetuity on May 8, 1794, and regular U.S. airmail service began on May 15, 1918. In between these two May events we have: • The mail by stagecoach. (1832) • The Pony Express. (1860-1861) • The Intercontinental Railroad, driving of the Golden Spike. (1869) Mail is defined as letters and packages conveyed...