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Photos from: PART 2 - Cozy! 5 mini-districts

Tina Fisher Cunningham

Where is your piece of Tehachapi? This graphic is a symbolic representation of the forthcoming division of the city of Tehachapi into five demographic sections under the City Council election district system. The National Demographic Corporation of Glendale will study the city and recommend appropriate boundary lines for the new districts. The five councilpersons must live in the districts they represent. The people who live in a given district can vote only for the candidate who lives in the same district and no other candidate. As an example, if a voter who lives in a district that, hypothetically, has been carved out north of the railroad tracks wants to vote for Ed Grimes (who lives farther south, most likely not within a newly created district where the voter lives), that voter cannot cast a ballot for Ed Grimes or any candidate from the other four districts. Hwy. 58 and rail tracks are shown.

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