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  • Amazon Web Services offering scholarships for Cerro Coso students in Information Technology

    Saya Novinger, contributing writer|Nov 25, 2023

    A total of $17,300 in scholarships is now available for Cerro Coso students pursuing a cloud-based education in Information Technology (IT) for spring of 2024. Cerro Coso Community College was one of three California community colleges awarded scholarships to distribute from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services has been a valuable partner to Cerro Coso in preparing students for careers in cloud-based computing, cyber security and information technology pathways. Through their...

  • Meet your Firefighting Instructor: Brandon Ashe

    Saya Novinger, contributing writer|Sep 30, 2023

    Wildfires are a threat and a reality of living in California, and we rely on the courage and competence of firefighters to help keep us safe from wildland fires. One of these wildfire warriors is Brandon Asher, who is an Air Operations Battalion Chief at Kern County Fire Department operating out of Keene Helibase. We are very proud to have him teaching the Firefighting Training class at Cerro Coso Community College's Tehachapi Campus. Brandon taught the class last Spring semester and will be...

  • Chalk on the Walk Best of Show

    Saya Novinger, contributing writer|Aug 19, 2023

    I dedicate this artwork to the Nuwä (Kawaiisu or Southern Paiute) people of the Tehachapi Mountains who have lived here for thousands of years. "Nuwä Momo'o" (Nuwä Woman) depicts a Transitional Nuwä woman gathering Valley Oak acorns, for making acorn meal, on a beautiful late summer day with a cloudless Tehachapi sky. Her expression is peaceful and also confident, for she knows she will survive and adapt to any of life's challenges. She is holding what is called a "burden basket," a large con...

  • From cop to college professor: Dr. Peter Fulks

    Saya Novinger, contributing writer|Aug 5, 2023

    For years, Peter Fulks strapped on a gun and badge every working day. As a police officer, he had the job he always wanted, and he was good at it. Then, he was injured in the line of duty. His life suddenly changed without warning. During a difficult recovery, Peter shifted his passion to higher education. He eventually became a steward for public policy, and contributed valuable research to provide a better future for our nation and world. He is now Dr. Peter Fulks, professor of Administration...

  • Meet your Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Instructor: Joshua Pierce

    Saya Novinger, Cerro Coso Community College|May 13, 2023

    When emergencies happen, EMTs and paramedics are usually the first on the scene to administer aid, give emotional support and transfer patients to the hospital. One of these essential first responders is Josh Pierce, who has worked in Emergency Medical Services since 2008. In his long career of service, he has educated hundreds of emergency response workers who are out in the field today, helping to save lives and improve health outcomes in emergencies. We are proud to have Josh Pierce as our...