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Jack Cimo, walking a simpler path as Andres Segovia

It has been five years since Jack Cimo, an American classical guitarist, performed with the Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Newby. He made his return for the fall concert on Nov. 5 at Country Oaks Baptist Church in Tehachapi.

Cimo has played with many other orchestras, including the Santa Maria Philharmonic, and has opened up his classical guitar styles to people around the world. This was the same process the great guitarist and composer Andres Segovia went thought opening the world's eye to classical guitar music. Cimo has done multiple tours along the famous and historic Route 66, and has played everywhere from art galleries to concert halls.

Cimo has done many volunteer performances at Chicago Hospitals and Christmas concert for the homeless. He believes in using his music to help those in need. He's been playing classical guitar for over 27 years where he has toured extensively and recorded multiple albums.

For more information go to www. jackcimo.com.