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Adventist Home Health Care in Tehachapi

Rotary Club of Tehachapi

At the Oct. 20 Rotary meeting, a representative from Adventist Health, Theresa Delgado, spoke on the Home Health offerings from Adventist. Home Health Services allow for patients to recover at home and still receive care from health professionals. The goal is to improve the quality of life and increase energy, comfort and strength. Many of the rotarians had questions about the services.

What kind of home care can you receive? Your physician can give a referral for a nurse to visit your house to help with medication, wound care, pain management, COPD, COVID and even help with your care after a stroke or a surgery. This could range from just taking your blood pressure or changing bandages all the way up to providing infusions. It depends on the care the patient requires.

The care professional is also determined by the need of the patient. Adventist will provide a skilled nurse to manage your treatment who understands your disease or injury. They will also provide a physical therapist to help you regain range of motion and mobility after a surgery, joint replacement or stroke. A health aid can provide care such as bathing, grooming or dressing. After a major health event, a social worker can connect you to transportation, fiscal help, or other forms of non-medical assistance. A chaplain can even be made available to you, even if you are not religious.

Telemonitoring systems are also used in conjunction with home health services. The hospital will provide you with an iPad that monitors your symptoms and allows for constant checkups. A scale, pulse oximeter and other sensory devices are included as needed in order to get the best updates possible of your current health.

Not everyone in Tehachapi is able to receive all services. Tehachapi is a rural area, meaning that some roads in Bear Valley and Stallion are difficult to get to. The equipment required for some of the home visits are not able to be driven on those roads, and are not eligible for the service, but you are encouraged to inquire about what is available to you.

Would you need to receive care from a doctor at Adventist Health in order to take advantage of their home health services? No. Delgado stated that they cover patients who are referred to them. Adventist will work with Dignity, Mercy South West, Kaiser, Medicare and more. She said that this along with the insurance question are the most common question she receives.

For more information about Adventist Health, you can visit their website at http://www.adventisthealth.org.

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