A clean dog is a healthy dog


November 9, 2019

Josh Crisalli

Shirley and Nancy Jackson give Rowdy her full-service grooming at Canine Creek.

provided by Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique

Regular grooming is a very important part of your pet's overall health and well-being. Taking your pet to a good professional groomer at a young age will help your pet learn not to be fearful of being handled. As an owner, you can also help by petting and touching your pet from head to tail while talking calmly to it.

Brushing your pet on a regular basis will help to keep the coat from matting, remove dead hair, dander and distribute the natural oils. If it is a young puppy or a fearful adopted dog, start brushing it in short sessions while calmly talking to it to make it an enjoyable experience.

If you take your pet to a professional groomer, they will be able to tell you if your pet's nails need trimming. Trimming the nails is important to keep the nails and quicks short. If the nails get overgrown, they can make it painful for the dog to walk and it is possible for the nails to curl and become embedded into the toe itself, especially the dewclaws. This can also cause pain and possibly an infection.

Ear cleaning is essential for all pets. There are some breeds that are more prone to ear infections than others. Your groomer should keep the ear canal clean by swabbing it out with ear cleaner. There are some breeds that need the hair pulled out of their ears, which is not harmful to them, before swabbing the ear canal. Your groomer will also check the ears for any redness, any excess dirty ear matter and possible infections.

While brushing and bathing your pet, your groomer should also check for any lumps, warts, sores or other skin issues so as to inform you if your pet should be seen by a veterinarian. To keep your pet in top shape, it should be groomed every six to eight weeks to keep the shedding down and to help prevent matting. The groomer will know which shampoos and conditioners to use for skin issues and fleas.

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The proper high quality food will also keep your pet's skin and coat in good condition. Canine Creek has all of your pet's needs to stay healthy and happy. If you need something special, just ask the friendly staff. We will be happy to help.

For more information and to make your grooming appointment call Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique at (661) 822-0307 and check us out at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5 in Tehachapi.


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