Presentation of first poppy


The 2017 American Legion Auxiliary Delegate to Girls State from Tehachapi High School, Micah Mason, recently presented the first poppy to Dr. John Lopez, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Tehachapi.

The American Legion Auxiliary has designated May as "Poppy Month" and Tehachapi Auxiliary Unit 221 along with American Legion Post 221 will be offering poppies to the community beginning the week of May 14.

The poppy was officially adopted in 1921 as the memorial flower of the American Legion and the Auxiliary. It was inspired by the red poppies which once grew on the battlefields of Flanders and is a perpetual memorial to the brave men who fought there and on all other battlefields throughout the years.

The red crepe paper poppy is made by California veterans in various VA Facilities and Cal Vet homes. The veterans receive money for each poppy they make. This is extra spending money and, in some cases, the only source of income for these veterans.

Wearing of the poppy is a way to pay tribute to our nations' honored dead as well as those men and women who have served in the Military and those who are presently on active duty in the service of our country.

There is no charge for the poppies but donations are always appreciated. All monies raised are used solely for support of our local veterans and their families. The Auxiliary and the Legion are very grateful for the community support that has always been extended to them each year the poppies are offered.


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