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Meet Your New Neighbors

Pat Doody.

Annmarie Huppert moved to Tehachapi in May from Gig Harbor, Washington, to join her son Stephen Sturm and her three grandchildren.

Annmarie was born in Washington and had lived there off-and-on for most of her life, but had also spent time in Tehachapi and on the Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica.

Annmarie graduated from Evergreen State College in Washington with a degree in Liberal Arts, emphasis on Public Policy and Psychology. She was a Washington State Legislative Intern, worked in the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's office as a Felony Trial Paralegal, as well as other government entities. She lived in Mojave for seven years where she met and married her first husband, Tim. Her son Stephen was also born there before the couple divorced and she and Stephen moved back to Washington to take care of her mother.

Stephen graduated from high school in University Place, Washington and then returned to Mojave and Tehachapi. Stephen is well-known locally for his custom painting of motorcycles and cars. Although, according to his proud mother, he also works at Northrup and has been known to do special effects painting in Hollywood.

Over the last 20 years, Annmarie has become a well-known PTSD recovery expert, mental health coach, advisor and consultant using horses in therapy sessions. In 2007, Annmarie started Life Navigation Equine Gestalt Coaching. She is certified in the techniques taught by Melisa Pearce, originator of the Touched by a Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

Annmarie says horses and humans have formed a unique partnership for millennia and horses have an uncanny ability to read and react to human emotions. She is hoping to resume her practice here in Tehachapi soon. Her book "PTSD Self Help: Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living" was published in 2014. She is currently on the board of Hope through Horses where she is the director of philanthropy.

Annmarie is a long-time Rotarian and, at the time of her move, was in charge of her Washington club's youth programs. She is looking forward to being active in the Tehachapi Rotary Club, as well.

When I asked Annmarie if she currently had any animals, she said that there is a pug in her future. She is also looking for horses that could possibly be used in her program. I am certain that Tehachapi will soon be hearing much more from Annmarie Huppert.


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