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Keep cool with 3 different summer fans

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Let's talk about three different types of fans you can put in your house to circulate the air for summer.

Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans can go into virtually any room. Bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, to help circulate the air. If you have an air conditioner or heater on, the ceiling fan will circulate the hot or cold air in the room, even if you have high ceilings.

Cable Fans: Cable fans are installed in the attic. They circulate the air in the attic in the summertime. The attic can get anywhere from 105° to 140° starting at 11 a.m. Cable fans are thermostatically controlled, kicking on at 105°, circulating the air through the attic so it is not stagnant and then automatically shuts off when the attic gets to be about 95°.

Whole House Fans: Whole House fans are installed in the attic as well. They have an on/off switch so you can always control it. When it cools down outside but your house is still warm, you can open a downstairs window on one side of the house. That will draw in cool air from the outside. After the sun has gone down and that cool air comes in through the house, you can turn on the whole house fan to pressurize the attic and blow all that hot air out of the attic.

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