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Microplastics: what you need to know

Terry Delamater, RPh, [email protected].

Bits of degraded plastic have been discovered in the kidneys, liver and lungs of humans.

Smaller nanoplastics are even more dangerous because they can get into the blood via the lungs. Once in the blood, these particles can circulate in the body and cross the blood-brain barrier. Plastic debris in the central nervous system raises questions about the potential impact on brain function, including memory and behavior, as well as microplastic's influence on diseases such as Alzheimer's.

While it's important to limit the amount of plastic exposure, it's virtually impossible to avoid microplastic exposure altogether. What we can do is avoid liquids in plastic bottles, opting for glass containers instead. Also, bring a copy of this article to Tehachapi Sculpt365, claim a free 42 oz stainless steel tumbler and fill it with water from our filtered drinking fountain every day. Our gyms offer 24-hour electronic key access to members of Sculpt365 Health Clubs, Bakersfield and Tehachapi.

– Terry Delamater is the owner of Sculpt365 Health Clubs and a retired Pharmacist.