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Do You Have Dragons?

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I was looking out at the crazy winds, having their way with everything in their path, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a large brown something twisting around. It could have been just the wind whipping free a banner attached to the baseball fencing behind home plate. But I have to say, my first impression was a dragon. It honestly looked like a dragon. Not a big one – rather small in size, but a dragon nonetheless. With a large enough wing span to be mighty and some spiky things on its back.

Well, it was only seen for a moment and I wasn't expecting a dragon to pop up across the street. I must admit I was slightly disappointed when I looked directly and it was gone. And then I found this...

Peter S. Beagle has written a book titled "I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons." A sudden wind has come up and all the villagers run to batten down every thatched roof and anything else that could take flight.

The village, on the smaller side, has only three wise women, when a larger community would have at least seven. They boldly stand in the field facing the mountainside. Their hair whips around their heads. They watch the forest before them bend, twist and shudder. The air grows thick. Dust, twigs and torn leaves come first. The howl of snapping tree limbs splinters like bones.

Above all sound the three wise women yell in discussion. "This is no storm, it's the King returning," says one. "I remember the King's return. The winds were hot. This wind is cold," says another. "This is something different, another matter altogether. But it will shake itself out and fade," says the third. "We must light the beacon," one of the three yells. "The world has many mysteries," says the wisest of them.

In a sudden hush, a new sound comes. A rumble like waves, with a jumble of other noises within it, riding with lightning toward the village. "We will not be laughing about this tonight," says the wise one. Yet, she saw no signs of disaster. It was not a storm. Not the King. "It is something else that stinks of magic."

What will they do when wisdom fails? When chants and charms in every language they know, using every prayer, every incantation to make what is approaching leave them in peace has no effect? Yet, they did so until they could no longer hear each other in the fury of the wind, their words scattered as if they had no meaning or power. And then there were no words at all.

The above is part of the prologue to Beagle's book. I'm hoping he wouldn't mind too much that I paraphrased it to share with you. Chapter one begins with a dream and the story has to catch up with what the reader already knows. There is Robert and his mother and a series of other names for man and beast. Has the adventure swept you in? Remember, one doesn't have to be a reader of fantasy to enjoy a good story.

Summer is here and what's better than a new adventure with unknown endings? We've traveled with Hobbits and a ring; we've shared adventures in and out of Narnia; we cheered on an orphan boy taking down the most hideous of enemies; scattered time; and found secrets in gardens. Perhaps you can create some lazy summer days as it heats up, keeping cool and comfortable reading something new to your heart's content? Do you have kids or grandkids to share together a chapter aloud at the end of each day? Or reading in the car while traveling on vacation, at night in front of a campfire or on the sand as the waves pound the shore? And especially when the lights go out in a summer storm and you have a group of tech reliant kids of all ages demanding to be entertained? One should be prepared for all situations in summer!

The question is, "Do you have dragons?" Can you tell everyone that will listen that you do? And they can have dragons as well? Many people won't realize they can have dragons at all. Or that they may want or need a dragon. But there comes a time where every life could use a dragon, or two or three and the imagination to bring them to life. Summer is a good time. Besides, dragons do relish the heat!

Good Books. Good reading.

*Midge Lyn'dee is a fictional character used for the purpose of entertainment though the reviews are real and sincere.