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A thrilling conclusion to the Great Tehachapi Scavenger Hunt

The month of May was full of excitement as hundreds of residents combed the area riddling out clues and looking for hidden businesses.

A thrilling competition was born between the top 15 teams, as they raced to see who could get to each location first. In the end, there could only be one ultimate winner, but everyone seemed to enjoy learning about places they had never seen or experiencing things they never thought they would find in Tehachapi.

Sixteen local businesses and locations were featured in the hunt, including Sim Sanitation, Have a Heart Humane Society, Mountain Valley Airport and Raven's Nest Cafe, Simply Perfect Gifts and Decor, Los Viajeros Vineyard, Kohnen's Bakery, P-Dubs in Stallion Springs, Space Flow Yoga, Witt's Everything for the Office, 1st Priority Registration, Earl's V-Twin Motors, Mango Haus Lounge, WM, Brite Lake, VIP Independent Mortgage and the new Pickleball Courts at the Police Station.

The top winning team was Gracie Nicholas and Tyler Smith, who won $1,000, sponsored by Knight Building Systems. Tracy Stenzel won second place for $500. Cyndie and Gary Thompson won third place for $250. Skylark North Glider Port donated two free glider rides for runners up, Jason Bevilacqua and Brooks Berlanga. 1st Priority Registration, Simply Perfect Gifts and Decor and Sim Sanitation had extra giveaways for participants along the way.


Tracy Stenzel won second place.

The final celebration was held on June 1 at P-Dubs Mountain Bowling, with prizes for each team that completed the hunt by May 31. Hunters received gift bags with goodies, including Shop Tehachapi Gift Cards and a personalized collage of their adventure.

Clare Scotti is the Executive Director of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.