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Introducing TVHR, the horse rescue behind Tehachapi's only used tack store

Steph Guerrero Photography.

One of TVHR's adoptable horses, Kona, shows great patience with and kindness towards even the smallest of her riders.

For the past five years, 501(c)(3) nonprofit Tehachapi Valley Horse Rescue (TVHR), has worked tirelessly to provide sanctuary and rehabilitation to abandoned and surrendered senior horses.

While most of the horses that come to TVHR will live out the rest of their lives peacefully in the sanctuary located in the Tehachapi Valley, there are 10 horses in rehabilitation programs with plans to eventually find new forever homes. With a total of 25 horses at the sanctuary and an additional five in foster care, the rescue runs heavy in operation fees, spending anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 a month on horse feed alone.

A new idea to support TVHR was born while people were at home cleaning out their houses and barns during the 2020 pandemic. That year, the rescue received a large amount of tack and horse grooming gear donations, so much so they decided to open a shop to sell the donations: Tack of the Town (TOTT). Located at 20733 South St. Suite A, TOTT is Tehachapi's only used tack store, with 100% of the proceeds going to support TVHR's mission. The store, currently volunteer run, is open Wednesday to Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. and carries many pieces of tack, riding gear and grooming equipment at an affordable price.

A growing focus of TVHR is education and outreach, and the organization hopes to eventually be able to host regular events for experts and vets to talk to community members about their pets. In the past, TVHR has offered things like a $10 mobile nail trimming clinic and a pet acupuncture and chiropractic clinic. They have also been able to provide resources and information to community pet owners, especially equestrians. TVHR plans to continue in the same vein going forward, currently working on connecting locally to vets and pet experts, and acquiring the funds to hold these events. To keep up with TVHR's latest projects and events, follow them on Facebook or Instagram at http://www.facebook.com/TehachapiValleyHorseRescue or http://www.instagram.com/tehachapivalleyhorserescue. Their website, http://www.tehachapivalleyhorserescue.org/ is still under construction.

Those interested in supporting TOTT and TVHR's mission are welcome to shop at, donate to and even volunteer for TOTT. All donations are tax deductible and volunteers are able to pick up larger donations such as saddles. For those unable to donate their saddles but wish to contribute to the cause, TOTT offers a consignment option where a portion of the sale supports the rescue and the owner receives the remainder. Cash donations can be sent via Paypal at PayPal.me/TehachapiHorseRescue, Venmo at @TehachapiValleyHorseRescue or Cash App at $TehachapiHorseRescue.

TVHR is also greatly in need of volunteers for both the tack store and to work on the sanctuary. For more information on donations and volunteer opportunities, please call (661) 750-2855.