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New treadmills for Tehachapi Sculpt365 Health Club

Last year, manager Casey Thacker informed me that the treadmills at our Tehachapi club needed to be replaced. When asked if we should purchase new Precor treadmills, he showed me a brochure of treadmills made by a company named Woodway.

But nothing was said about the cost, which turned out to be double the price ($14,000 each) of competing brands. I agreed to attend the 2024 Fitness Industry Tradeshow in Los Angeles to evaluate the various options, and I simply had to agree that Casey made the right call. The surface of Woodway Treadmills is composed of shock-absorbing slats, designed to reduce the impact on the user’s joints and provide a more comfortable running experience. Woodway’s slats do not wear out quickly (150,000 miles), resulting in a longer-lasting machine that requires less maintenance and delivers consistent performance over time.

So, check out these treadmills, join Tehachapi’s finest health club, receive a free beverage tumbler and help us make the monthly payments on our low-interest SBA disaster loan!

– Terry Delamater is the owner of Sculpt365 Health Clubs and a retired Pharmacist.