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Land of Four Seasons


January 6, 2024

“I drove the Grapevine (now Interstate 5) through the Tehachapi Mountains in 1925, hauling freight in a 1922 Packard four cylinder truck. There would be two drivers and the round trip between Los Angeles and Tulare took 48 hours. The first driver got paid $32.50 and the second made $27.50. The first one made more because he was in charge and had to make all of the collections. There was a place called Caswell’s Garage at the head of the Antelope Valley, and I guess they got tired of people marveling about how windy it could be, because they had a big sign over their shop that said ‘No, the wind never blew this way before.’”

– J. D. “Dave” Brodine

Dave Brodine and his wife Edna were Sand Canyon residents.


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