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AAUW promotes women and girls

AAUW of Tehachapi

Exploring Opportunities for Women and Girls was the theme for the October meeting of American Association of University Women-Tehachapi Mountain Branch. Keynote speaker was Saya Novinger who spoke about life experiences and educational opportunities for women.

Saya grew up living in seven different countries because her father, George Novinger was a diplomat in foreign service, and his career required frequent moves. This meant changing schools, friends and language about every two years. Saya said she felt she didn't really belong anywhere.

The one constant in her life was her grandmother and grandfather, Anne Marie and George Novinger who visited them in every country they were stationed. Saya and her parents visited Tehachapi at least once a year. She and Anne Marie developed a close bond and Tehachapi felt like home. The good advice grandmother gave to Saya was, "Never stop learning." She did just that-reading, studying, attending college. That made it possible for her move to Tehachapi and find her "dream" job.

She is employed as Marketing Specialist for Career Technical Education at Cerro Coso College. She said since women live longer than men and earn less, it is important they get an education and find satisfaction in well paid jobs. The college offers a wide range of courses leading to various degrees. There is even a proposal to offer Bachelor Degrees, something community colleges have never done.

"My job is rewarding. I am in my place," Saya said.