By Judge Kenneth Green
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Judge Childers joins Kern Superior Court


October 14, 2023

JVarner Photo.

Judge Stephanie Childers was sworn in on July 7, 2023.

Judge Stephanie Childers was sworn in, joining the Kern County Superior Court Bench on July 7 by Judge Brian McNamara.

She joins the court after a long and storied career as a family law lawyer and minor's counsel. Minor's counsel is a court appointed attorney who advocates for the children in high conflict family law disputes. Minor's counsel gives voice to the children who have been caught in the middle of a high conflict family dissolution. Judge Childers stated that being an advocate for children was one of the most rewarding aspects of her legal career.

Childers comes to the bench with a host of praise from other members of the bar and bench. Former Presiding Judge Judy Dulcich said, "Stephanie Childers was one of the hardest working attorneys I have known and is a woman of integrity."

Commissioner Cynthia Loo also praised Judge Childers saying, "She is hardworking, intelligent, respectful, reliable and kind. "

These attributes are useful in her current assignment as a misdemeanor trial judge in Bakersfield.

Judge Childers has lived in Kern County her entire life and comes from a family of lawyers. Her father, Troy Childers, was a long-standing and well-respected attorney of the Kern County Bar Association. Judge Childers particularity enjoyed growing up in Kern County and the amazing sense of community that permeates the county. She said she is proud of the fact that she was raised in such a great community. She frequently visited her aunt and other relatives who lived in Tehachapi. The smell of fresh cut alfalfa still brings back memories of her family time here. Her other favorite memory of Tehachapi is visiting Kohnen's Bakery to enjoy the fresh baked goodness served every day.

Judge Childers became a judge in order to give back to a community that has given so much to her. She prides herself on listening to the people that appear in her court room. She hopes the people that appear before her feel like they've been heard. Although she is just beginning her career, she hopes that at her retirement people say that she made a difference for the better in their lives and in her hometown.


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