What's included in an auto diagnostic service? (part 2)

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September 30, 2023

In this issue we will continue the discussion begun in The Loop newspaper's Sept. 2 issue describing what is included with auto diagnostic service.

Illuminated tire pressure sensor light

Most vehicles built after 2007 are designed with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). These sensors and their electronic systems alert a driver of low pressure in the tires. There are two different types of TPMS – direct and indirect. Regardless of the type of system your vehicle uses, an indicator light will illuminate on the dash if you have low pressure in one or more of your tires. Your TPMS indicator is a yellow light with an exclamation point inside of a circular shape with a flat bottom.

Decreased tire pressure usually results from a slow leak caused by a puncture from a nail or road debris. The fast and temporary solution is to patch the leak, refill your tire and clear the code, which should turn off the indicator light. However, the technicians at DPT recommend you promptly bring your vehicle into the shop for a TPMS diagnosis. Just because your indicator light is not on does not mean your tire is not compromised. Additionally, driving for long distances with a patched leak in your tire is dangerous.

Your next test drive

It's time to buy a new used ride! You use an app to find a friendly reseller nearby offering your dream car – a 2015 Dodge Challenger – for a great price. You meet the owner and go for a test drive. Everything seems great, except for a troubling noise coming from the air conditioner. Oh, and that annoying vibration coming from the rear. The owner says it's nothing, just a loose A/C bolt or a rock in the rear tire tread. Nothing to worry about, right?

It is sometimes difficult to spot major issues before you buy a used car, but if you miss a big problem, you may have to pay for a big repair bill on top of the cost of the car. Luckily, DPT offers a pre-purchase inspection for your prospective vehicle. We test the vehicle's condition and give you an objective report, which alerts you to upcoming maintenance and expenses. Along with a pre-purchase inspection, we can also perform a thorough road test and a noise and vibration diagnosis, as well as wheel alignment and A/C services (and many more) to get to the heart of the issue. That way, you can buy the Challenger of your dreams without worrying that it's a lemon in disguise!

From DPT to your garage

DPT is here for all your vehicle diagnostic testing needs. To a technician, there is nothing better than an educated customer and having an informed conversation about your vehicle's issues. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

For more information on diagnostic procedures, feel free to chat with one of Don's Pro Technology's knowledgeable service advisors or technicians with any concerns you may have. Don's Pro Technology Auto Repair is located at 230 E. Tehachapi Blvd., in Tehachapi and can be reached at (661) 822-1600.


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