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Recalling the date – California, the Golden State

The Spirit of Tehachapi

We are happy to celebrate our country's birthday and we do a fine job on July 4th in saluting the flag as it goes by and singing the "National Anthem." Yes, we do well. The 247 year old Uncle Sam should be proud of us.

Sometimes things just slip by us and we in California sort of let California's Admission Day slip by. California was admitted to the United States as the 31st state of the Union on Sept. 9, 1850. The area of California was never designated as a territory which was a prerequisite before being a state. First becoming a territory; then a state. One can only wonder what the hurry was.

Although gold had been found in other parts of California, it was the discovery at Sutter's Mill in 1848 that caused worldwide attention. The folks in Washington insisted the "hurry up" for statehood was not the reason for their action.

Congress maintained that the reason for the skipping of the territory requirement was to acquire another free state. In other words, a non-slave state. With the Civil War 11 years away, we could have deemed that a daring and noble deed.California has always been a refugee state.

Whatever brought settlers west they found fine harbors along the beautiful Pacific Ocean which were to become important trading centers. They also found fertile valleys, timbered mountains and a mild climate - most times!

On Sept. 9, 2024 look up at our state flag flying directly under our wonderful stars and stripes, and tip your hat at old Smokey Bear; our state animal on our 174 year of statehood. California, the Golden State.