By Kathleen Kline
Public Relations Sgt. TMSAR, contributing writer 

Appreciation shown


June 24, 2023


Tehachapi Mountains Search and Rescue members (left to right) Dorand "Dory" Kline, Kathleen Kline, Carol Gehricke and Jayne Gifford (not pictured) were honored recently for their years of service.

"COVID caused a delay of many things including the award of these plaques to some of our dedicated volunteers," Kern County Tehachapi Mountains Search and Rescue Captain Dan Gates said.

Recently this was rectified.

"Thank you, Dory, for your 30-plus years of continued service to our community. We continue to look to you to share your skills with us and those new coming into this unit," Gates said.

Dory Kline responded, "It's been my honor to serve so many others."

Carl Gehricke was presented with a plaque acknowledging his five years of service.

"Carl has been able to add his years of radio skills to the unit and community, including being a valuable radio relay man when the TMASR unit members are out searching in the mountains, where radio communication is sometimes a challenge," according to Gates.

Lastly, Kathleen Kline, who has followed in her parents' footsteps, has been able to go out on evidence searches and done her part to help bring family members home to others. She was presented a plaque recognizing her five years of official service.

"I'm glad to be doing my part to help bring closure to some families," Kathleen said.

Jayne Gifford, who has dedicated 25 years of service, will be presented with her plaque of appreciation soon, according to the Gates.

"Without all of these dedicated volunteers, and their fellow unit members, we couldn't have a successful, specially trained set of people who go out onto the Pacific Crest Trail, into Mountain Park, go out into our surrounding desert, mountains, sometimes into the Kern River and other areas to help out, to bring others the assistance they sometimes find themselves in need of," Gates said.

Some people find themselves injured while enjoying the great outdoors, some find themselves or loved ones lost and it is volunteers in the TMASR who assist their fellow man, woman and child to get back to their families.

If you are 19 or older and you'd like more information about possibly becoming a member of this invaluable all-volunteer unit where you can gain the training needed while you learn to help others, contact Kathleen Kline for the next meeting date at (661) 972-9102.


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