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By Bella Wilsted
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Summer is here, now what?


June 10, 2023


Bella Wilsted.

Summer – a time for fun and rejuvenation. Getting away from the back crippling mounds of schoolwork to enjoy a day in the sun or a romp through the woods.

The possibilities are endless, yet time is fleeting. Three months to do almost anything you want, but where to start? What to do? How do we make the most of this precious time? Fear not, today these questions will be answered with a summer bucket list provided by your peers to help you get the most out of your summer vacation, leaving behind no room for regrets.

• Go to the beach.

• Go swimming.

• Hang out with friends.

• Try a new hobby.

• Go to a theme park.

• Gain a new skill.

• Go on a road trip.

• Gaze at the stars.

• Try something you wouldn't have ever tried before.

• Catch fireflies.

• Go on a nature walk.

• Go fishing.

• Visit the zoo/aquarium.

• Go camping.

• Visit the farmers market.

• Attend an outdoor concert.

Bella Wilsted is a sophomore student at Valley Oaks Charter School.


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