By Susan Smith
contributing writer 

Dress A Girl Around the World


May 27, 2023


I would like to give an update on our charity work at Mountain Bible Church called Dress A Girl Around the World (DAG).

It was started many years ago under the leadership of Debbie Schmidt. It started with many seamstresses, and as time went on people moved to different places, lost interest or for other reasons our numbers went way down. A few of us seamstresses continued on and made dresses for many little girls. The clothes we made got distributed to various parts of the world and also have been given to different church organizations, orphanages and other places. We got responses from the leaders of the organizations to let us know how much our work has been appreciated especially the little girls who benefitted from receiving them.

Lately, I sent dresses to the Philippines and my family and the neighbors around them shared the dresses. They like it so much and requested us sew more for them. The pictures they sent says it all.

Debbie and I just finished 30 dresses that I will be sending this June.

If you have any cotton materials, buttons, laces, elastics that you are not using, you can donate it to us at Mountain Bible Church. We will definitely put them to good use. Seamstresses are very welcome, too.

Join us at Mountain Bible Church at 630 Maple St., Tehachapi. Phone: (661) 822-7541.


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