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Golden Hills CSD approves new water rates

At their April 20 meeting, the Golden Hills CSD approved a new rate structure for the delivery of water to the community.

Prior to the vote, a public hearing was held, giving residents a chance to protest the increase. Chairman John Buckley said the CSD analyzes the water rate structure every five years and must take into consideration the increased cost of delivering the water to consumers, as well as the additional cost of purchasing water from the Tehachapi Cummings Community Water District (TCCWD).

Of letters sent to the 2,800 residents, the CSD received 94 protests. Several members of the community attended the meeting but none protested the rate increase. The new flat rate charged to all single-family residences will be $38 monthly. New commercial rates were also approved based on meter size.

At the request of Director David Benham, Assistant City Manager Corey Costelloe presented to the Board the City of Tehachapi's opposition to a proposed voter initiative for 2024 that would ultimately remove local control, prohibit local tax measures and eliminate a variety of cost-recovery and impact fees paid by developers for their impact to a community including water, wastewater, traffic impact along with code enforcement and nuisance violations. Targeted as part of this proposal are the 106 tax initiatives approved by voters in the November 2022 election. This would include Measure S and Measure K, which were approved locally and could be eliminated. Costelloe said the League of California Cities is trying to get the word out to keep the initiative off the ballot. Until that time, the City and County will not be able to use the funds collected from the ballot measures.

The Board discussed whether or not to allow street vending in Golden Hills. The County issues the vending permits and it was felt there should be a procedure in place to use community property if they were to allow it. It was finally unanimously voted not to allow street vending in Golden Hills.

With new locations approved by the Board, look for new picnic benches around the Nature Park.