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Keep illness out of the workplace

Compliance Training Group here with an employee health and wellness update. Winter has definitely been unique and stronger this year than the past few years with the weather. That along with the common cold and flu, new variants of the variants, and allergies altogether in the work environment may have taken a financial hit on some businesses.

As employers we want employees to stay home and get well so they don't affect their co-workers. However, that is easier said than done. Most employees want to be at work even if remote to earn their pay, but the cost of having many employees from a department or critical leadership all out together is a costly day for any company.

One of the top issues that human resource professionals and employers are prioritizing this year is health and wellness programs and incentives for their people. Having less stressed, health-minded employees creates a thriving and productive workplace. Providing incentives and empowering your employees to eat healthy, rest, exercise and keep up good habits by using hand sanitizer will lower absenteeism and keep everyone working.

Compliance Training Group encourages employers to have their employees watch our Combatting Contagious Illness training video to reiterate the habits that were introduced back in early 2020.

It's never too late to remind your employees, who are your lifeline, of the basics of not encountering an illness that will put them out of work for a day or longer. Remember, follow the three Es: empower, engage, educate. Follow up, ask questions and collaborate to make it better in the future. For more information, please visit us at http://www.ComplianceTrainingGroup.com.