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Ferrari Club visits Mojave Air & Space Port

The Ferrari Club of America toured the Civilian Flight Test Center in Mojave, California on Feb. 18. They were greeted by a good crowd of car and airplane lovers. The event was held during the Plane Crazy weekend.

The club was from the southwest region and organizes concourse events, rides, drives, tech sessions and social events.

About 20 early 1980s Ferraris were on display in the flight line and another 30 or so were in the parking lot near Mojave tower.

All the owners had a wealth of information on the cars. All were very friendly and some even let people sit behind the wheel of these cars, some of which cost more than $200,000. Most car collectors have a hands-off policy so this was very nice to see.

I know back in the day you did not have to own a Ferrari to be a member of the club, you just had to have a love of the cars and pay your yearly club membership.

I think most people remember the 1980s TV show "Magnum P.I." with Tom Selleck. A very famous 308 GTSI Ferrari was Thomas Magnum's daily driver in the show. A few 308s were present at the Mojave car event. The 308 stands for a 3-liter V8 motor. The GTSI stands for Grand Touring Spider (top is removable) and the motor is fuel injected.

For more information on the Ferrari Club of America Southwest Region go to http://www.fca-sw.org. There is a lot of information online if you would like to learn more about the history of this iconic car maker.