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A fair amount of wellness at the Healthy Hippie

Healthy Hippie Trading Co.

The Energy and Wellness Fair on Jan. 28 at the Healthy Hippie had a larger turnout than the last one, and there were definitely smiles all around.

There were 22 healing sessions completed between four healers: Glen Larsen, Rosemary Powell, James Pickerell and Maria Lomeli.

One person even hugged Scott Ware, the appointment scheduler, after receiving a session from holistic healer Dr. James Pickerell. "I really want to hug you for (encouraging me to see him)," she said.

Three generations of one family came in for readings, even for their 12 year-old.

"I really want to get a reading!" the youngster exclaimed. After the whole family received multiple sessions, they were asked if they would have a lot to talk about over dinner.

"We'll need two dinners to have enough time!" said the youngster.

It was clear that people were quite satisfied at the offerings, which were discounted for the fair at $30 for 30 minutes for each session. Deep, restorative healing using Reiki, medical intuition, aura cleansing and clairvoyant readings were available, as well as a free 30-minute talk by Jaimie Puffer on the chakras and Crystal Healing. (The next fair will feature Clinical Hypnotherapist Rosemary Powell giving a free 30-minute talk on empowering your life at any level you wish.)

As Sarah's cute little dog wandered through the crowded store, people were seen exiting their sessions with relieved expressions from all the valuable information they received about themselves. Some of the healers even offer classes for anyone interested in expanding their own intuitive abilities to help themselves or others.

"The purpose of the fair is to help people become empowered and remember they have the ability to heal themselves," said Maria Lomeli, the fair organizer. "We have a lot of fun while doing it – helping people connect with their own inner guidance system for a life of greater clarity."

Maria was the healer sought out by one woman whose child was hearing voices. She'd tried other avenues and wanted someone with past success.

The child was reassured that there was nothing wrong with her. Maria helped her release some fear and together they even cleared her room of the "shadows" using visualization techniques, which the child intuitively knew how to use. She learned in just 30 minutes how to set boundaries with any energy that feels uncomfortable to her. The mother walked away with some relief, a greater understanding, tools and a plan moving forward.

Carrie Bond brought a fascinating modality to the fair called Human Design.

"It brings a personalized approach to getting insights into one's life, behavior, feelings and thoughts that may not be consciously acknowledged," she said. As our life purpose can change from the time we are young, Carrie points out that Human Design can show where we may be focusing on social standards and resisting our own life path, which causes suffering. "Because self-knowledge is power, Human Design gives you more information to navigate your life with clarity to resolve inner conflicts," she said.

The next Energy and Wellness Fair will be on Feb. 25 – all are welcome!

The Healthy Hippie Trading Co., located in Old Town Tehachapi at 20418 Brian Way, is open 6 days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sundays.) You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.