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'Knowledge is power,' keep your business safe

First off, a Happy New Year and welcome to a new column aimed to educate and keep us all safe and free from issues and incidents in the workplace that can be avoided if we have knowledge and awareness.

"Knowledge is power," is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, but it is actually rooted in an ancient Indian proverb.

I'd like to encourage small business employers to start the year off by scheduling your California AB1825 (Government Code Section 12950.1) and SB1343 training for the California-mandated Sexual Harassment training to start your year off right with knowledge, awareness and prevention for your employees.

As of Jan. 1, California has updates and new laws in the employment area, especially with requirements for notices and pamphlets on discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace to be provided to remote workers and posted in the workplace.

Discrimination is illegal in California and violates the Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964. To minimize employer exposure and potential liability from legal actions, employers need to be proactive and provide the training required by law.

Compliance Training Group (CTG) has all the required training modules for employers to provide to their supervisors and hourly employees with Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention training every two years, as required. Management must follow through and be diligent in addressing questionable and inappropriate behaviors and conversations.

Company policies must be in place with a complaint procedure for employees to follow if an incident occurs. Investigations into the incidents must be conducted when reported, as required by state and federal laws. Don't let the EEOC or the DFEH (now Civil Rights Division in California) knock on your door or send you a letter. All or most of these incidents can be addressed internally by HR and/or management in a timely manner to minimize legal exposure. Be proactive. Protect your employees and your company in 2023. Remember, knowledge is power, and education and awareness are paramount.

For more information, please visit us at: http://www.ComplianceTrainingGroup.com.