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By Bruce Gripkey
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'A Month After Christmas'

Train of Thought


December 31, 2022

Bruce Gripkey.

I would like to thank all five of the readers out there that have missed my presence in The Loop newspaper. It has been a long year fraught with numerous stumbles, hurdles and other maladies of life. As we begin a new year, I hope that everyone gets younger, thinner and more financially independent in 2016. For the Christmas issue of The Loop newspaper in 2014, I wrote a little poem titled 'A Train Set For Christmas'. It should be recited out loud in the rhythm and cadence of 'The Night Before Christmas'. Since we are a month past Christmas now, I thought that it would be nice to add to it with this sequel.

'A Train Set For Christmas'

Twas the morning of Christmas

And there under the tree

Was the train set I begged for

Just waiting for me

The loco had smoke

And a whistle to boot

The push of a button

Would sound a great toot

The headlight would pierce

Through the darkness of night

Even the caboose had its very own light

There were houses and buildings

all along the track

My train would fly by me,

go around then come back

There were stations and lights and

signals galore

That all came to life with my face pressed

to the floor

Oh! Thank You Oh! Thank You Dear Mr. Claus

I have one small complaint and this is because

My dad took the controls

The plan is just botched

He runs my train and all I do is watch

Please next year for Christmas, nothing for me

Get a train for my dad

so he'll leave my train set be

'A Month After Christmas'

Tis but a month after Christmas

And there all over the floor

Is the wreckage and carnage

Of the train I adore

Around the sharp corners

At ridiculous speeds

Brought great joy to little brother

Who has evil brother needs

Dad blew the whistle

Til he wore the thing out

My complaints went unheeded

Guess I don't have much clout

The train track mom tripped on

And bent up the rail

All attempts to repair them

Results......epic fail

The crossing shack watchman

Became a dog snack

With aid from my sister

The station's now black

The signals and lamp posts

Have all been destroyed

The guy in the milk car

You guessed it...kitty toy

The train sets condition

To my eye brings a tear

Time to pack this mess up

And do it again at Christmas next year

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night

In memory of Bruce Gripkey, who wrote the "Train of Thought" column several years ago, The Loop newspaper is reprinting some of his articles for those who haven't had the chance to enjoy his railroad-centered stories. This article was originally printed in our Jan. 23, 2016 issue.


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