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What's Up in Stallion Springs?

Wildlife in the community

Stallion Springs is home to many wild animals like coyotes, bear, elk and others. For the safety of the animals and the residents;

1. Watch them from a distance. Never approach them.

2. Do not feed the wildlife. Make sure trash is secured and no pet food is left outside.

3. Remove any standing water and water features.

4. Pets and their food should not be left outdoors at night.

5. Bird feeders should not be accessible to other animals.

6. If wildlife becomes aggressive, call the Department of Fish and Game at (559) 243-4005.

7. Remember: This is their home, too. Keep the wildlife wild.


The Stallion Springs Police Department is dispatched through the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911. For non-threatening issues call (661) 861-3110 or use the contact on the CSD website http://www.stallionspringscsd.com. If you wish to make an appointment to speak to an officer, contact the CSD at (661) 822-3268 but be aware that, due to limited staffing, appointments may be canceled. These communication systems are free to everyone.

Stallion Springs Board of Directors

The CSD board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the CSD Boardroom. The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 20.