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BVS Litter Loathers

Four of the nine dedicated Litter Loathers of Bear Valley Springs who showed up on Nov. 15 found a sunny, but cool and very windy day for picking up roadside trash on Bear Valley Road from the gate to Hwy 202. In fact, the conditions were so difficult that the section of Cummings Valley Road from the school to Hwy 202 had to be put off for better weather. The hard workers, which appear in the picture are (from top left) Mitch McDiffett, Shawn Smith, Greg Hahn and Greg Matheson. The hard workers not pictured were Linda Flores, Linda Coverdale, Lori Frear, Peter and Laurie Betts. The BVSPD and the BVCSD assisted these BVS residents on the road to keep them safer. Please join the BVS Litter Loathers to keep the roads to Bear Valley free of trash, which quickly gathers, by emailing [email protected].