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Glen Larsen visits Healthy Hippie Trading, Co.

The Healthy Hippie Trading Co., located in Old Town Tehachapi, has been inviting special guests in the holistic healing field to give lectures and healing demonstrations in their new event space. Glen Larsen's session on Oct. 21 was extraordinary.

Glen is a biofeedback technician and aromatherapist. He has studied sound healing and has experience in applied kinesiology and natural healing methods. He recommends self-muscle testing as a way to tap into the wisdom of the body for information on your own physicality, but also your emotional health and spirituality.

An example: Before you eat something, you might ask your body if this food is good for you right now. Your body says "yes" by leaning forward and "no" by leaning backwards – you set it up by asking yourself questions that you know are a "yes" and then noting what your body does. Pay attention to your body, some people's bodies lean back on "yes."

If you want to master it like Glen, you'll need to start asking your body questions hundreds of times a day. He reminds us that if he can do it, anyone can. He says humans were born with the ability to engage with our own subtler energies, particularly when it comes to self-healing. After a few demonstrations of this, the group's skepticism went right out the window.

Glen's talents hit me between the eyes from the beginning, especially when he would share evidential (verifiable) information about the audience member's lives that he could not have known. "Yep, that's my mother all right," was heard from several people, and he told us exactly what happened to an audience member on a playground one day when they were 7 years old.

We did have to let our egos relax a bit as personal information came up. The atmosphere was like, "I don't want to be too revealing, but what's a little embarrassment if I'm going to gain a new perspective that could be healing?" We felt a mutual trust that the others in the room would be discrete.

At other times, Glen knew why we were having poor digestion issues, or back strain – much of it was psychosomatic. It seemed like everyone was releasing emotional traumas and feeling much better and lighter. He nailed it over 90% of the time, and the room got noticeably quieter as if in reverence of his gift. Several people teared up.

Glen would invite us one by one to come up and sit on his healing table. While we faced the room, he touched our shoulders and back, sometimes with sound tuners that vibrated through our body. He worked on our energy centers while asking us questions. Glen then "saw" how our energy reacted; that he shared exactly what happened at the highest and lowest parts of our lives was mesmerizing.

The fact that Glen is such a kind and compassionate man made you trust him even more.

Imagine going into a new therapist's office and finding that they already know more about you than you've even told other people. That's what it's like meeting Glen; he went deep into our issues with compassionate candidness. Several people were clearly able to release some of the trauma and negative energy over the issues they are dealing with.

What do you do when someone is accurately reading you and helping you move past challenging parts of life? We said "thank you" and gave a donation.

If you're interested in attending his next free event, Glen Larsen will be at Healthy Hippie Trading, Co. every Friday at 5:30 p.m. at 20418 Brian Way #2, Tehachapi.