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Pickleball in Tehachapi

The Loop newspaper has asked me to share some pickleball highlights from the past year and for future events, as interest in pickleball is growing rapidly across the country.

Pickleball in Tehachapi is gaining momentum with players of all ages in leagues and tournaments. Tehachapi pickleball play can be found in Stallion Springs, at Tehachapi Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in Bear Valley Springs.

The BVS Pickleball Club has grown from 40 members in 2021 to just over 60 in 2022 with players ranging in age from 11 to 80, and playing at competitive levels.

BVS started its first organized league play in the Spring and it quickly filled with nine teams, followed by a Summer league of 10 teams and finally, a nine team Fall league. The teams were made up of one female and one male player, or all female teams. The competition in league play has created a path for several players to test themselves in tournaments around California, Nevada and Arizona.

Most recently, several Tehachapi area players competed in tournaments in Santa Clarita, Newport Beach, Hanford, Bakersfield, Paso Robles, Templeton, Visalia, Upland, Long Beach and Las Vegas. They competed in various events that are separated by age groups and ability levels (2.5 beginner to 5.0 ranking being professional ratings). The events include mens doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles, mens singles, women's singles, mens mini-singles and women's mini-singles.

Recent medalists from some of these tournaments include Gold medals for Allan Clarkson in mens singles, Veronica Clarkson in women's doubles, Chris and Key Budge in mixed doubles (twice).

Silver medals to Carlin Gibbs and Devin Carey in mens doubles (twice), Steve Campbell in mens singles.

Bronze medals to Carlin Gibbs mens singles, Allan Clarkson mens singles, Key Budge mens singles (twice), David Cook and Allan Clarkson mens doubles, Veronica and Allan Clarkson in mixed doubles, Adriana Gibbs and Chris Budge women's doubles, and Key Budge mens mini-singles.

If you haven't seen pickleball (yet), you will soon as it is now being featured on CBS Sports, the Tennis Channel and live streaming venues.

A quick trip to YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok and you will find plenty of quick paced videos to watch the sport at its highest level of play. There is a pro pickleball tour and has many celebrities playing the sport as well.

Pickleball provides a cardio workout without high impact and is enjoyable for all ages.