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Cheers to Charity donates to Tehachapi Humanitarian Relief Group

I am so excited to announce that after over a year of planning, fundraising and negotiating, we finally have our permanent food pantry shed!

We want to express our amazing gratitude to Cheers to Charity for their incredible grant of $10,000 to make this possible. Without these funds, we couldn't have even dreamed of receiving something so incredible!

That being said, we had no idea the feat that it takes to purchase and move a shed of this magnitude, especially with the ever rising cost of supplies and labor cost.

After purchasing in May, it took another 6 months of negotiating and coordinating and permissions to finally get it here, but it's here and wonderful and we are so excited at the possibilities we are able to open with this expansion.

We also have to thank Leif Engen. Leif is our silent, insanely patient, consistent technical guy who worked tirelessly navigating the red tape of permits, moving technicalities, and then doing physical labor with extremely short notice to get it here.

Without him and the help of Michael Dillenbeck removing and preparing the property and then rebuilding it all in 24 hours all on a weekend so they could return to their full time jobs is absolutely amazing.

We still are in the process of getting it set up, so if any volunteers would like to help, we would love your help.

But thank you again, if we have been a little quiet it's because this project was a huge undertaking, and every single one of our volunteers are simply that: volunteers who have families and full time jobs (sometime multiple) to keep their own lives going. But everyone has a heart of gold to serve others our community. And as long as we have these people, we will continue to serve this community.

So again, we thank you and welcome you to celebrate this amazing milestone for our organization!

The Tehachapi Humanitarian Relief Organization and Group is a non-profit, non-sectarian group created to provide relief to the residents of Tehachapi during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. For questions please e-mail: [email protected] or call (661) 771-7202 for more information.