The benefits of apples

Tehachapi Apple Festival


September 10, 2022

Photo provided.


1. Apples may lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.

2. Eating foods with fiber, including apples, can aid digestion.

3. Apples can support a healthy immune system.

4. Apples are a diabetes-friendly fruit.

5. The antioxidants in apples may play a role in cancer prevention.

6. Eating apples can support healthy weight loss.

7. Apples may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

8. Apples are nutritious.

The Bottom Line

Apples are incredibly good for you, and eating them is linked to a lower risk of many major diseases. What's more, their soluble fiber content may promote weight loss and gut health. A medium apple equals 1.5 cups of fruit - which is 3/4 of the 2-cup daily recommendation for fruit. For the greatest benefits, eat the whole fruit - both skin and flesh.

So, get your locally grown, fresh and wholesome apples at the Apple Festival and enjoy a fantastic day of fun and family.


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