By Rick Gillies
Owner of Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet 

Fall is the time to plant


September 10, 2022

F.D.Richards, SE Michigan. Used under Creative Commons license:

Asiatic lilies are available at Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet. This photo is of lilium "Tiny Crystal," Asiatic hybrid lily.

I just wanted to write this article to let you know of some unusual plants that grow here in Tehachapi. First of all, it is always better to plant spring-blooming plants in the fall. They get better established and you get the benefit of a longer bloom time.

Some good plants to consider include:

• Centranthus ruber – blooms like crazy on second bloom.

• Asiatic lilies, beautiful plants for mass plantings. I have many red and orange available. They're not blooming now but they will from spring to early summer.

• Gold white spirea.

• Peonies, we have many varieties.

• Viburnum burkwood is one of my favorites that not many people know about. They produce pink fragrant flowers.

• Viburnum carlesii.

• Osmanthus fragrans – another fragrant bloom.

• Many Agastache – Humming bird plant.

• Buddleia spring and summer (Summer Lilac) fragrant flowers – dead head for longer bloom time.

• Salvia "Allen chickering" "Winnifred gilman" a very hardy Salvia clevelandii.

• Veronica spicata – uprights in four colors.

These are a few of the unusual plants that will brighten your day after a long winter of no color.

More options include:

• Lavender – everyone loves lavender, and I like the original English Lavender angustifolia, but three fairly new ones are superblue, sensational and phenomenal.

• This year we have 10 varieties of Echinacea, such as "double cranberry" and "lemon yellow." Great flowering plant.

• Hibiscus is very tough for me to get but has a 10" flower that is unbelievable.

• Golden smoke bush is very nice and gives you that gold color mixed with green. It stands out nicely.

• David Austin roses are very hard to get this year. My sister in law said, "I was trying all over the country to get these." She was excited to find them here.

• Another fairly new plant that I really like is Nandina obsession. It is more dwarf with new growth that is red, and richer color than the ordinary nandinas.

• Surprising to me is the hardy geraniums, normally very popular, haven't been as much of a hit this year. Give them a try, they are great.

• White butterfly bush has been in short supply for many years, but I have some 1 gallon and 3 gallon sizes.

• There is a new crape myrtle this year called Delta Elipse. It has purple foliage and pink flowers.

This article is getting a little long so I will just list a few other noteworthy new plants.

• Japanese Anemone, fall blooming and shade plant.

• Thuja "Forever Gold" is great to mix in with other green shrubs.

• White spruce, Picea Poco Verde - like Alberta spruce, it is smaller and has nice new growth. One of my suppliers developed this one.

• Sedums dazzleberry or autumn joy.

• Gold carpenteria is an old perennial with blue flowers.

• Gold Deodora Cedar is a much taller plant but really shows off its gold color.

Enjoy trying something new.

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