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By Judith Campanaro
contributing writer 

Autumn art ideas: let's have fun with creative expression


September 10, 2022

Photo provided.

Dryer Pipe Pumpkin.

Dryer Pipe Pumpkin

This project is not only fun and easy, it's a great addition to your Fall decor.

Supplies: piece of dryer pipe, wooden stick for the stem, hot glue or white glue and clamps, orange and brown paint, fall leaves.

1. Glue the ends of the dryer pipe together (if you don't want to use hot glue, regular glue will work, just hold the side together with clamps until dry).

2. Paint the "pipe-pumpkin" orange (or any color you want) and dry.

3. Put glue on sides of the center hole created when you glued the pipe together and place the stick inside.

4. Add leaves and/or decorative things like vines.

Please note: if you are using hot glue make sure there is an adult helping you. Hot glue really hurts when it touches your skin.

Funky Scarecrows

These little guys are so fun to make. Each one always comes out different. They are made out of recycled items. Guess you could call them "green scarecrows"!

Supplies: coat hanger, a paper bag you put in the shredder, scraps of assorted fabric, paper and colored markers, string.

1. Bend the coat hanger to make a head, arms and legs.

2. Make shirt and pants with scraps of fabric. Wrap a round piece of fabric around the head and tie with string at the bottom for the head. You can stuff the clothes and head with newspaper or cotton balls.

3. Tie shredded paper to bottom of legs and arms and glue on hair.

4. Draw a face with colored markers on the head.

Spooky Spider

This guy is too cute.

Supplies: Black spray paint, googly eyes, scrap packing styrofoam, small styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners, glue, white and black yarn to make a cobweb.

1. Cut body of spider from scrap styrofoam.

2. Stick a small piece of pipe cleaner in glue and attach small styrofoam ball to body.

3. Stick pipe cleaners in body for legs.

4. Spray with black spray paint and let dry.

5. Glue on googly eyes.

6. Use white and/or black yarn to make a spider web in the window.

7. Attach your spider to your web.

Paper Bag Pumpkins

These pumpkins are a great way to spruce up your autumn decorations. I like to put them in the entryway with a plate of fall cookies or candy corn. They put a smile on everyone's face who visits me.

Supplies: lunch bags or assorted paper sacks, colored paper for leaves, orange and green paint, newspaper, mod podge or papier-mâché, masking tape, pipe cleaners.

1. Stuff paper sack with newspaper and tie together with masking tape at top to create the stem.

2. Tear newspaper into little pieces and using papier-mâché cover the bag. This gives the pumpkin a nice form. Let your pumpkin dry.

Photo provided.

Funky Scarecrows.

3. Paint your pumpkins orange and green (or any color you want).

4. Use pipe cleaners to make vines and add leaves cut out of colored paper.


You can make these cute little guys out of cardboard cutouts or wood cutouts if you know someone who can cut them for you.

They're easy to draw. Pumpkins come in all different shapes. Then just paint them and add the faces with a black sharpie.

I hope these Fall activities gave you some good ideas. Let me know if you liked them. I would love for you to send me photos of your work. Making art is so much fun! Get an adult's help when using scissors and/or hot glue. Your artist friend, Miss Judith


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