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Community photo contest winners

Gallery 'N' Gifts hosted its community photo contest and First Friday awards reception on Aug. 5.

With 70 photos submitted, the judges had their work cut out for them. One photo stood out from the rest and was deemed "Best of Show." The photo of a steely eyed mountain lion, taken by Wes Burcham was titled, "Go Ahead Make My Day." Congratulations Wes, and all the other participants, your photos made for a stunning show.

Photos will be on display until Aug. 29 at Gallery 'N' Gifts. Interested in participating in the next contest? Submissions will be accepted Jan. 23-30, 2023 for the February event.

Best of Show:

Wes Burcham


1st place: Wes Burcham

2nd place: Nancy Wilkinson

3rd place: Chris Naftel

Honorable Mention:

Christie Watson and Nancy Wilkinson


1st and 2nd place: Wes Burcham

3rd place: Jacqueline Torres

Honorable Mention:

Kiera Irvine and Wes Burcham

Altered Images:

1st place: Chris Odom


1st place: Cassie Sarkinsian

2nd place: Kelli Horton,

3rd place: Linda McDermott,

Honorable Mention:

Mikailey Judkins Irvine

Youth Photography:

1st place: Kiera Irvine

2nd place: Grace Mitchell

3rd place: Kiera Irvine

Travel & Architecture:

1st place: Chris Odom,

2nd place: Dennis Cowden,

3rd place: Kelli Horton,

Honorable Mention:

Cassie Sarkinsian

Black & White/Sepia:

1st place: Mikailey Judkins Irvine