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in Central Park


August 13, 2022

Photo provided

Coming to you straight out of the scorching Mojave Desert is the working man's band, Metalshop. Based out of "The Shop" in Palmdale, California, the band members include awesome vocalist Amanda LeFebvre, shredding guitarist Gerald Ouart, thundering bassist Kevin LeFebvre and pounding drummer Tracy LeFebvre.

We have been crafting our sound for the last 15 years and can provide you an energetic show with sounds ranging from The Beatles to Metallica and everything in between. We've provided quality hand crafted sets of music at venues from the Hard Rock Café to the Antelope Valley Fair and look forward to bringing our sound to you. To catch some videos of the band go to YouTube and search "Metalshop – AV" or check out our Facebook page "Metalshop – AV."


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