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Blue Mountain Tribe

in Central Park


August 13, 2022

Photo provided

Blue Mountain Tribe is a blues rock band who plays original blues rock music thematically centered around Native Americans, war veterans and people with disabilities. Their songs tell stories of inspiration, love, desire, rage, pain, Rock n' Roll and the Blues. 

Performing across Central and Southern California, Blue Mountain Tribe has spanned a decade of excellence in Blues and Rock n' Roll, constantly changing and improving. The only known Native American father/son Blues and Rock team, Robin and Caleb Hairston, the founders of Blue Mountain Tribe, have finally achieved the ultimate goal of a band of brothers where all members are of Indigenous American blood. The immeasurable experience and talents of the current members spans longer than their prospective lifetimes and all are dedicated and truly "honored" to represent not only their own Indigenous heritage but to represent all 500+ of our original Nations. This is what they mean when they say "All Our Relations." Members and their Nations are:

• Caleb Hairston, Lead Guitar, Chiricahua Apache.

• Robin Hairston, Harmonica player/ vocals, Chiricahua Apache.

• Pat Mata, Drums, Northern Band Chumash-Yokuts.

• Jeff "Cooper Hawk" Cooper, Bass, Cherokee.


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