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An appreciation: why this paper rocks

When I caught up to The Loop newspaper at Henry's Cafe yesterday morning, I asked myself why I enjoyed this newspaper over the other local one, and I arrived at this:

The Loop is an Appreciation of Our Lives, which makes me feel very good.

It observes and elevates.

It honors and applauds.

It salutes and celebrates.

It has hope and a vision for a loving community that continues to look out for each other.

It's what you read when you want to improve your mood; give yourself a lift after you've seen other news elsewhere.

From the first-person historical stories to the celebrations of life, The Loop provides space for what is truly essential to us:

• Who we *really* are as a proud local people.

• How we connect to each other and those who came before (our lineage, our ancestors and our native brothers and sisters who occupied Tehachapi before we did.)

• Learning how to live effectively in our unique community by sharing our valuable wisdom with others.

• Knowing we're not alone in this grand adventure.

The Loop focuses on our best human aspects. In my opinion, anything that illuminates our world with this much heart gets to be called the heartbeat of Tehachapi.