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Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts earns Community Business Award

Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts

On June 14, Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts in Ridgecrest was awarded the "Community Business Award" by the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce.

An endorsement by the state senate, signed by Shannon Grove, accompanied the award.

The nomination letter reads as follows:

On March 17, 2020 the schools in the Indian Wells Valley closed due to COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions. All non-essential businesses were required to close. Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts closed its doors.

On April 8, 2020, Linda Voigt, owner of Memory Lane, realized that there was very limited opportunities for the community to buy fabric for masks. The very next day the shop opened and started to distribute fabric at no cost to anyone who entered the door, with no purchase necessary. Adelmann Broadcasting, the Daily Independent and the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce were supplied copy to announce the distribution of free fabric to the community.

Exactly one month later the store had distributed 10,000 fat quarters (¼ yard each or 2,500 yards of fabric). Which was enough to make at least 20,000 adult masks. On June 5, 2021 we distributed our last fat quarter. Which brought the total to 13,930 fat quarters or 3,482 ½ yards of fabric given to the community. In addition, we supplied customers with 500 spools of thread to build their masks.

On March 1, 2021 the store discovered that the schools might open up the next month. Dozens of store customers and the Hi Desert Quilt Guild volunteered to make masks for preschoolers and classes up to high school students. When Sierra Sands and Trona School Districts opened in April 2,699 masks were delivered to SSUSD and 150 went to Trona School District. Before schools started for the fall 2021-2022 school year an additional 375 masks were delivered to the SSUSD office. (3,224 masks [803 yards of fabric and 2,000 yards of elastic]). Private schools in the valley were contacted also, but each of them said their students were to supply their own masks.

In June of 2021 Memory Lane provided 54 yards of backing fabric (equivalent of 135 yards regular fabric) to assist in the making of quilts for victims of northern California fires that the Hi Desert Quilt Guild in Ridgecrest was fabricating.

In total 4,285 yards fabric for masks.

2,000 yards elastic.

500 spools of thread.

54 yards for fire victims.

On a sad note, our fabric vendors have told us that approximately 30% of the fabric stores that closed for the pandemic in California never reopened. Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts is open and healthy because it was only closed the first three weeks of the pandemic.

Memory Lane Fabric and Quilts is located at 139 Panamint Ave., Ridgecrest, California.