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Have A Heart Humane Society gives scholarships to local graduates

Have A Heart Humane Society

Starting six years ago, Have A Heart has chosen two deserving graduating seniors yearly to receive cash scholarships to further their education and seek an advanced degree. Two $1,000 scholarships are presented to two seniors based on grade point average, extracurricular activities and leadership, faculty recommendations, and excellence in essay form related to each scholarship requirement. Our organization also requires a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer work at our resale store, fostering and nurturing animals in our care, or helping with our periodic events within the community.

The Have A Heart scholarship for Animal Welfare and Kindness is based on knowledge of pet needs for living a happy healthy life and what society needs to do to ensure that the animals in our community receive every chance of that good life. This is a very complex issue in a community without an animal shelter, so responses need to be well thought out and presented. The winner for the 2022 Animal Welfare and Kindness Scholarship is Daisy Andrade. Daisy was a student leader in numerous activities, had a high GPA and fulfilled her volunteer hours. She is headed for California State University, Fullerton and we wish her much success.

The second scholarship is in honor of Have A Heart's founder, Chelley Kitzmiller, who was not only an animal lover and rescuer, but also a published author. The Chelley Kitzmiller Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship essay is a fictional story dealing with the relationship between a human and an animal. The winner of this year's scholarship is Eliza Stanley.

Having a close relationship with animals all her life, Eliza has learned a great deal about them through 4H and other activities that also involved children. She plans to put this knowledge to work in Physical and Occupational Therapy, after attending Brigham Young University, Idaho. Eliza has a heart for animals and their welfare, and did way more than her required volunteer hours.

We know that Eliza will succeed and will brighten our world!

Congratulations to both recipients, and to the graduating senior class. Go, Warriors!