Hall Ambulance honors its fallen during National Emergency Medical Services Week

Hall Ambulance Service, Inc.


May 28, 2022

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Hall Ambulance Memorial.

While EMS Week is intended to celebrate those emergency medical services professionals who dedicate their lives to responding to those in need of medical aid, it is also important to pause and reflect on those who lost their life while serving.

Whether their passing occurred while on duty or away from work, Hall Ambulance has felt a desire to honor their life and work contributions by placing a marker with their name in the Hall Ambulance Memorial Garden. It served as a place for quiet reflection and remembrance of the fallen for many years.

Recently, Hall Ambulance President and CEO Lavonne C. Hall unveiled the new Hall Ambulance Memorial redesigned with blue granite, bronze lettering and stone to pay proper tribute to past and future fallen employees.

"As today, May 19, marks the fourth anniversary of the passing of my husband, I would like to set this date aside to honor those EMS workers who have served this community and whose names appear on the new Hall Ambulance Memorial," Hall said.

The Memorial can be visited on the south side of 21st Street between N and O Streets, in downtown Bakersfield.

Names listed on the Hall Ambulance Memorial

Sandy Newby


05/04/1956 – 06/08/1981

Tom J. Hvizdos, EMT I

Assistant Operations Manager

08/18/1956 – 01/28/1988

Kenneth Johnson

Medi-Van Driver

11/10/1948 – 07/20/2002

Edwin W. Bauder

Paramedic Intern

02/01/1964 – 06/25/2003

Andrew Joseph Green

Paramedic Field Supervisor

05/02/1978 – 05/03/2007

Penny Vest


05/16/1951 – 09/06/2007

Edward Searfoss, EMT-P

Director of Quality Assurance

07/08/1979 – 06/06/2014

Dorothy McGee

Contracts Coordinator, Business Office

07/09/1950 – 08/20/2016

Lawrence Mundschau


01/14/1961 – 11/25/2017

Harvey L. Hall


01/05/1941 – 05/19/2018

Breeanna Ledesma

Medical Supply Technician

08/03/1998 – 09/24/2018

Heather Taylor


09/09/1974 – 12/17/2019

Fransue Pratt

Medical Supply Technician

01/08/1976 – 01/14/2021

Eric Calderon


05/08/1984 – 08/04/2021

Trenton Jones


03/12/1999 – 11/20/2021


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