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Gallery 'N' Gifts June guest artist, Anya Lathrop


May 28, 2022

Photo provided

Embroidery by Anya Lathrop.

TVAA Gallery 'N' Gifts June guest artist presents Anya Lathrop. Decades after first learning to embroider, Anya Lathrop is still learning how to make curves out of straight lines. For her upcoming show, "Horcruxes," Anya has various embroideries done on raw canvas, but she has also experimented with different mediums such as epoxy and gold leaf on prepared canvases.

Anya has devoted her life to the arts, as a musician/vocalist, actor, writer, painter and textile artist. Her husband accurately describes her as "a person with busy hands," and this restlessness is why she took up embroidery. The limitations of this medium are notable. The artist is limited to working with only straight lines and knots. Colors cannot be physically mixed, so for this reason, one must layer colors and then trust that Monet knew what he was talking about when he said the colors would, "blend in the eye." A realist result is virtually impossible with this medium, so Anya studied Fauvist, Expressionist and Cubist works to translate pictures and ideas into thread. She wryly describes her style as "Nouveauvist."

Many of Anya's pieces are depictions of books she has read and loved, including science fiction and fairy tales. Story is one of the most important forces in human life, and certainly in Anya's. She is often found reading aloud to her children or acting out stories on stage.

Visit Anya's captivating exhibition during the month of June at TVAA Gallery 'N' Gifts, and join us to meet her during our First Friday reception on June 3, 4 to 7 p.m. Anya's exhibit will be available during the month of June at Gallery n' Gifts at 100 W Tehachapi Blvd.

Gallery 'N' Gifts is located at 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd. and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.


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