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TUSD Trailblazers, April 2022

Tehachapi Unified School District

The Tehachapi Unified School District (TUSD) wants to thank its teachers and staff for their dedication to providing "Uncompromising Excellence" in the service of students and families. TUSD teachers and staff continue to positively lead our schools, and their impact on students and families extends well beyond the walls of the classroom.

"TUSD Trailblazers" recognizes two staff members each month who represent the excellence and values that make Tehachapi Unified School District so special for our students. These "Trailblazers" are nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond to make a difference for students, families and their coworkers every day.

April 2022 Trailblazers were chosen for their innovation in favor of TUSD students, families and colleagues. A total of 27 TUSD staff members were nominated for April 2022, with the final honors being awarded to Cherie Freeman and Ma Vang.

Cherie Freeman is a fifth-grade teacher at Tompkins Elementary School. Cherie joined TUSD in 2006 and has taught grades 2nd - 5th.

One of Cherie's colleague's stated, "Cherie is always going above and beyond to be of service to our students and school. She uses the most up-to-date technology, is willing to try new things, has a growth mindset and strives for excellence."

Another colleague wrote, "Cherie Freeman's innovations have changed our school climate from good to excellent! She has infused the Tompkins culture with outstanding student leadership. She works tirelessly training students to lead morning announcements and lead the flag ceremonies."

Yet another colleague stated, "The definition of an innovator is 'someone who has the capacity to turn new knowledge and skills into a successful product or service.' Cherie is an innovator because she is constantly working on improving our school environment; to improve the school environment she always brings new ideas to the table and is willing to try new and different strategies."

TUSD thanks Ms. Cherie Freeman for all she does and for her innovation on behalf of TUSD students, families and team members.

Ma Vang joined the support staff of TUSD in early 2021. Ms. Vang serves TUSD as a Data Technician at the District Office.

"Ma brings an infectious energy and positivity to our office. She is NEVER negative and always spins a negative into a positive," remarked one of her colleagues.

Another one of Ma's teammates stated, "She has brought fresh knowledge and enthusiasm to our office, the team, and TUSD at large."

Finally, another coworker summed it up by stating, "She is always upbeat and friendly. She goes the extra mile assisting our team in finding data, setting up Aeries training, and finding solutions. She is an important part of our team and we are thankful for her."

TUSD thanks Ma Vang for all she does for students and staff!

Congratulations to both Cherie and Ma!