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Major Boosters purchase, transforms Varsity Baseball Field

The Tehachapi Warrior Booster Club and the Tehachapi Warriors Baseball program recently completed a facility upgrade for the varsity baseball field consisting of over 500 feet of sublimated outfield windscreens to enhance the look of the stadium and enhance player safety.

The purchase, totaling over $8,000 was made by the Booster Club, a nonprofit who raises funds through memberships and corporate sponsorships to help support the athletic teams at Tehachapi High School. Head baseball coach Guy Dees and Booster Club board members identified Humprhys CoverSports as the vendor for this product that covers the entire outfield fence with black windscreens that are not only designed to withstand the Tehachapi winds but add branding for the school program and sponsors.

"I am so proud to be part of this community. It is exciting to experience the support that is given to our Warriors," Dees said. "The work and investment of the Booster Club with their purchase of the new windscreen, the school district's commitment to improve the field, the support of individuals and the tireless efforts of these amazing players has furthered our efforts in establishing a baseball program that Tehachapi can be proud of."

The logos include "Tehachapi Warriors" in green varsity font outlined in white in the left field area, an additional Tehachapi Warriors Baseball logo in right center and a Tehachapi Warrior Booster Club panel featuring several corporate sponsors as part of their advertising agreements.

"We identified several corporate partners at our 'Warrior' level that have made meaningful commitments to the Boosters and this baseball program and included their logos in this project," said Corey Costelloe, vice president of the Warrior Booster Club. "This is a major facility enhancement paid for by sponsor contributions, combined with the work that Coach Dees, his team and district maintenance staff have done to that field in the last year, it has never looked better and I am very proud to be a part of this type of enhancement that showcases a very visible facility in the community and the dedication from the Booster club to our kids competing for Tehachapi."

The windscreens were designed in a manner that also allows the Booster Club to reprint sections to update sponsors on an annual basis if need be.

Thanks to support from local businesses and individuals, the Boosters made several major purchases in 2021-22 that assisted Warrior teams including a new blocking sled for football, clinics for coaches, tournament entry fees, technology for scouting, playoff meals and worked with district staff for improvements at Coy Burnett Stadium including renovated restrooms and snack bar area. Additional equipment bags for girls soccer were purchased along with breakaway bases for the softball program and pom-poms and decorative equipment for cheerleading.

"We are not finished tackling the challenge of some of our facilities or the needs of our teams," Costelloe said. "The Booster Club is dedicated to enhancing the experience for our student-athletes and the fans in attendance. We are excited for some upgrades this summer coming to Coy Burnett Stadium that we have identified that will benefit multiple teams and we are looking into some training equipment purchases to assist the boys and girls basketball programs -- it is a very exciting time to be involved."

Corporate sponsorships for the 2022-23 season are being sought, the sponsorships include several advertising opportunities, merchandise and other benefits. Those interested can reach out to the Booster Club at [email protected] or contact Corey Costelloe at [email protected].