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3 new projects approved

Planning Commission Update


March 19, 2022

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Artist rendering of Capital Hills retail center and gas station.

On Monday, March 14 the Tehachapi Planning Commission approved three new projects in Tehachapi. The first is a Capital Hills retail center and gas station to be located at the intersection of Capital Hills Parkway and Magellan Drive. The project will include a non-commercial gas station with five pumps, a drive-through restaurant, convenience store and retail suite. The center will have entrances from both Capital Hills Parkway and Magellan Drive. Owner/architect Nadal Azzi was present to answer questions. The commission complemented the architect on the compatibility of the design to the guidelines set by the city. Mr. Azzi said that they are looking at a possible pet travel store for the extra suite but there are no tenants yet. Seating in the restaurant was required to be kept at 35 due to the project's proximity to the airport.

The second project created much discussion and arbitration. Tehachapi RV Resort and Mini-Storage is to be located on Tehachapi Blvd. just west of Bailey Court. The 30 acre property, which stretches back to Valley Blvd., is basically split in half with the RV resort backing on Mountain Aire Estates located at 600 S. Dennison and the mini-storage backing on the businesses on Bailey Court. A number of residents from Mountain Aire appeared at the meeting to protest an RV resort backing on their properties.

Development Services Director Jay Schlosser explained that, due to the project's proximity to the airport, it was necessary for the mini-storage to be located on the Bailey Court side, although the original proposal was for the reverse. Over a two hour period, the concerns of the residents were all addressed with Schlosser calling for a five minute recess while he and applicant John Thomsen conferred and changed the design so that no recreational vehicles would be parked along the wall separating the resort from Mountain Aire. Schlosser also agreed to a 10-foot wall along the north edge of the property protecting the primarily senior development. Schlosser also reminded them that the city has restrictions on late night noise so that should not be an issue. Thomsen added that the maximum parking at the resort would be 30 days.

The final plan was approved by all commissioners and seemed to satisfy most objections. All commissioners complimented the architect on the use of rustic architecture for the project.

Image provided

Artist rendering of entrance to Tehachapi RV Resort and Mini-Storage.

The final project approved was Nabers Self Storage which will be located on Commercial Way next to Tractor Supply. The property which has a dog-leg that backs on the Hwy 58 onramp to Mojave had two prior approvals under prior owners, one in the early 2000s and the last being in 2017. The new project is architecturally similar to the 2017 project with the buildings built along the property line.

The Tehachapi Planning Commission meets on the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Tehachapi Police Department Community Room located at 220 W. C St.


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