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Culinary delight in Arvin

Last month, my friend Jane Zeok and I decided to drive to Arvin and check it out. We were in for a delightful surprise. The hills just past the National Cemetery were full of poppies. They haven’t bloomed yet, but there were dots of orange everywhere – a beautiful site along with the trees and rock formations. Jane kept stopping and taking photos. The drive was a feast for the soul.

We drove all through the town of Arvin to see what was there. It was fun exploring, but the highlight of our road trip was lunch. We stopped at Cabellin Mexican Restaurant on Bear Mountain Blvd. Our road trip went from delightful to delicious. If you like Mexican food, Cabellin is a must. Alma Cavello and her boyfriend Julio opened the family business two and a half years ago. They also have a location in LaMont, which her parents run.

Alma was born in Yuma, Arizona. She has been cooking since she was 13. Her love for what she does is evident. I was reminded of a quote by Rumi, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

Everything from the decor of Cabellin to the menu speaks volumes. What Alma has created is a testimony of her dedication and love for what she does. After taking our drink order, Alma said she would make us some chips. She explained that she likes to make them fresh with each order, so they are warm when she serves them. And no, she didn’t heat them in the microwave. The same went for our hand-pressed tortillas.

Alma said, “I know it takes a little bit of time, but I like everything to be fresh.”

Once Jane and I tasted the food, we didn’t mind waiting. And one thing for sure, I can’t wait to go back and revisit Cabellin. Alma said her favorite dish to make is the seafood platter, which I’m definitely trying. As an aside, they also cater!

Check them out, you won’t be sorry. Cabellin Mexican Restaurant, 132 Bear Mt. Blvd., Arvin, California. (661) 390-4239.