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Golden Hills Community Services District: GH Nature Park survey

The last Golden Hills Community Services District (GHCSD) meeting was held in late January and was attended by several community members who were greatly concerned about possible plans for the Golden Hills Nature Park. Recently, there has been some discourse about what to do with the 187 acres that currently make up the park, which used to be a golf course and is currently under the care and management of the GHCSD. However, the GHCSD was looking for community input and feedback on a video they posted online explaining that a prospective buyer has expressed interest in their Reeves Street facility. According to the video, the most advantageous of three proposed sites for GHCSD’s relocation is at the intersection of Woodford-Tehachapi Road and Country Club Drive, right at the nature park. They encouraged feedback on ideas regarding the possibility of a community center in the area and various recreational activities.

The concerns expressed at the last GHCSD board meeting by members of the public were primarily twofold. Several individuals expressed alarm at some of the ideas proposed for the land comprising the Golden Hills Nature Park and resentment about the perceived lack of adequate notice to participate in the survey that will ultimately inform and guide the planning process. GHSCD president John Buckley asserted that information on how to participate in the survey had been posted on the GHCSD website, a notice board and a digital traffic sign on Red Apple Avenue, close to the GHCSD building. After several people complained that they didn’t know about the survey until it was too late, the board agreed to extend it to allow more community members to participate.

Golden Hills Community Services District’s mission is “to be interactive and responsive to the Golden Hills community and provide those services within our authority.” They are located in Tehachapi at 21415 Reeves Street. Their regular business hours are Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and their main phone number is (661) 822-3064. You can also visit them online at http://www.ghcsd.com for meeting schedules, agendas and minutes.