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Healthy Hippie Trading Co. – your one-stop crystal shop

Health Hippie Trading Co.

Healthy Hippie Trading Co., located at 20418 Brian Way (across from Kelley's Chuckwagon Café) is growing. That includes their crystal and rock collection, meaning more options for you to choose from!

Owner, Sarah Rose, has recently made two trips to Arizona and is excited to show off what she brought back. One trip was to Quartzite and most recently to the Pueblo Gem Show in Tucson. "I grew up in Tucson," Sarah says, "but I never attended any of the gem shows that Tucson is famous for. I'm so glad I decided to make the trip to see what all the fuss was about. To say that I was blown away would be an understatement!"

Sarah admits that she is new to the world of gems, rocks and crystals but she is committed to learning not only how to identify them but to also understand their properties both physically and energetically. "My customers are asking questions and seeking guidance that I just wasn't qualified to give them," she explains. "I don't like selling things that I don't understand. It just doesn't feel genuine. Thank goodness that there are so many people willing to share their knowledge of crystals with me. I am looking forward to not only being able to share the products but information about them as well."

Her recent finds include polished stones, rough cut crystals, amethyst, polished towers of rose quartz, obsidian, tiger's eye and mookaite, polished agate, petrified wood as well as satin spar in various forms. She also brought in pendant "cages" and a mix of small stones where customers can create custom pendants.

With every crystal or stone purchase, customers will receive a small piece of satin spar. "Satin spar is considered to be a cleansing crystal as it can absorb energy," Sarah explains. "When you purchase new stones or crystals you want to clear any energy that they have picked up from others handling them. Plus your own crystals can become stagnant over time and need a re-charge. Satin spar is perfect for that so we include a piece of satin spar with every crystal purchase to start you out right."

In addition to satin spar, the store will be celebrating Tuesday, 2/22/22, with a special sale on select items, including the crystals; Buy 2 at regular price and get the third item (of equal or lesser value) for only $2.22!

Head on over to Healthy Hippie Trading Co. today!